To vaccinate or not, that is the question being asked.

Plenty of opinion is available of which to read or listen. An answer (or multiple answers) can be found to both sides of the question.

Plus, both the novel coronavirus and the response to it, including vaccination, is changing; it will be for the foreseeable future.

But public health officials generally encourage the vaccine.

Here in Ketchikan, health care providers, emergency medical technicians and others considered essential to caring for the sick have been vaccinated.

Next on the list are people who are 65 or older. (You would be surprised how quickly 65 comes so do not be dismayed if you do not fit into this category; you will someday.)

Vaccinating 65s and older started in January, and is continuing.

Appointments are being taken at the Ketchikan Indian Community Clinic for its members and Saxman residents; at Safeway Pharmacy, Island Pharmacy, Northway Family Healthcare, Power of Wellness, and PeaceHealth Medical Group. House calls are being accommodated by Ketchikan Public Health Clinic in cases that require it. Additionally, appointments can be made online at

The same options are likely when the next group becomes eligible for the COVID-19-prompted vaccine.