Who knew.

But a vaccine in one or two doses has met more than the targeted goal.

Yes, it vaccinates against the novel coronavirus. No, it isn't without its side effects.

Yet, it frees the spirit by allowing long-held habits and procedures to begin returning to normal.

The Centers for Disease Control announced in recent days that fully vaccinated travelers may come and go without being tested for COVID-19.

That means that a vaccinated Ketchikan resident who travels to Seattle can fly out and back in without enduring the uncomfortable COVID-19 test.

No more waiting in line for a swab, for the test results, for a period of days to elapse before returning to the office, and for the all-clear signal that marks a 14-day infection period.

A long way has been traveled since the onset of COVID-19. But by employing common sense and the development of a vaccine in record time, those who choose to be vaccinated are beginning to experience some of the freedom enjoyed before the virus.

Masks and social distancing will continue to be a part of life for some time yet. But an important part is to be able to return to how it was done before 2020, too.

That's when coming and going wasn't affect by a pandemic.