An email arrived at the Ketchikan Daily News this week with a subject line that went straight to the point.

“Wrong Word,” it said.

Our hearts sink a little when we can guess the topic of an incoming message like that. Have we made a mistake in print?

In this case, yes indeed.

“Yikes!” wrote the gracious reader. “Reigns vs reins ... I have noticed this error a few times in KDN articles.”

A photograph included in the email showed a section of a KDN story with the word “reigns” underlined.  Clearly, in the context of the sentence, “reins” would have been the correct word to use.

The rest of the email was so kind and charming that the writer’s point was made very well. We’ll be doubly vigilant to avoid furthering any reign of error — and we were quite glad to have heard from the sender.

The same phenomenon occurred with another email, this one from a reader who’d returned from a trip and noticed that the same date — Oct. 18 — had been used on the front page on two different newspapers that had accumulated during the trip.

A photo in the email showed the two Oct. 18s circled in bright yellow for reference.

“It looks ... like the daily news got a jump on the "spring forward, fall back" time shift, or did something else happen while I was gone? Aliens, perhaps?” the reader wondered. “... Now I have to look forward to Groundhog Day!”

An error, no question. But as before, the gracious and good-humored delivery made us glad to have heard from the reader.

We’re proud of the effort and care that goes into producing a fresh edition of the Ketchikan Daily News six days a week — and as such, we’re chagrined when an error of any kind appears within its pages.

When they do occur, we’re grateful that readers care enough to point them out. Especially when the point is made with the kind of good spirit exhibited by the senders of the emails noted above.