The dramatic ice-climbing photographs on Page One of Friday’s edition reminds us that, when it comes to outdoor activities in the winter, Ketchikan has opportunity.

Ice climbing on the wall by the Rainbird Hiking Trail had heretofore not come to mind, but photos show two folks proved it possible as recently as last week.

The adventurers’ pursuit appeared to be done with the caution of protective gear shown in the photos — ropes, helmets, brightly colored clothing and boots with spikes of one sort or another on the bottom.

Currently, this isn’t our choice for winter adventure, but it does get one thinking about what other possibilities exist. The cold, ice and snow doesn't have to keep us inactive and indoors.

It might be downright treacherous outside, but many of the outdoor activities enjoyed in the summer can be adjusted for the winter months.

Camping for example. Nothing says, with the appropriate equipment, a campout wouldn’t be possible — whether during the daytime or overnight.

Hiking is another endeavor that with suitable equipment and clothing would be doable. It wouldn’t present the attractions of spring, summer or fall, but then it would offer wonders of its own.

This winter — unlike some of the past — has accommodated skaters on the ponds in the Ward Cove water system, too.

Sledding, snowball fights, building snowmen and simply enjoying the sight of snow has appealed to others who take the weather that comes and try to make the most of it.

Ketchikan has had a hard start to the 2021-2022 winter. But this winter has allowed for activities that aren’t the same any other time of the year.

For those who enjoy traditional winter weather and the opportunities it presents, this is your year.