Preparing is the key to success.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is encouraging Alaskans to prepare for disasters.

“Disasters don’t wait. Make your plan today” is the theme for National Preparedness Month in September.

This year’s outbreak of the novel coronavirus might be an example that FEMA might apply.

While it wasn’t a high-wind storm, flood, fire or earthquake, COVID-19 was as much a disaster.

Alaskans lost lives, health, jobs and traditional routines, such as in-person instruction for students.

People became concerned about the transport of and availability of goods, including food and household items.

The virus altered life as it was known before last spring.

For such a situation as that created as a result of the virus or for more common disasters, being prepared is critical.

FEMA recommends making a plan in case disaster strikes. For example, if a fire breaks out in one’s home, each adult and child should know how to respond. The best advice is to get out of the house and meet at a pre-arranged corner or similar place nearby for a head count. This will be extremely helpful to emergency personnel who respond to make rescues, if necessary, and to extinguish the fire.

FEMA also recommends preparing a disaster kit, containing all manner of items that would be needed if a disaster struck. Imagine whatever disaster could occur, then plan for it.

In this time of one busy day after the next, it’s easy to delay planning. But, this isn’t something that should wait for when time allows.

The time might never come, but eventually disaster does.