We often bemoan the current condition of the Alaska Marine Highway System, so it’s definely fitting to note the more positive things here, as well.

Earlier this week, AMHS announced two short-term promotional fares for voyages in Southwest Alaska.

“Kick-start summer with a weekend getaway to Cordova and explore more of Alaska,” stated the AMHS announcement that highlighted 20% off on passenger and passenger vehicle fares between Whittier and Cordova on May 27 and May 30.

The other announcement was for similar discounts for ferry travel between Port Lions and Ouzinkie or Kodiak on May 28.

Both promotions include free travel for youth under the age of 12 on those sailings.

It’s is good to see AMHS reaching out to potential travelers with these types of promotions. We imagine they’ll catch the attention of at least a few folks with some available time and an interest in the particular trips and destinations on offer. Twenty percent off isn’t a massive deal, but it’s enough to attract attention.

Attracting some positive attention should be high on the AMHS priority list. Much of the recent news about the ferry system has focused on service outages and other issues. Many folks — including Alaskans — need to be reminded that ferries can be a terrific way to travel. Encouraging more passengers to use the ferries and providing safe, economical and reliable voyages is a good way to help rekindle AMHS’ reputation.

This week’s promotional announcements say that AMHS plans to offer promotional fares throughout the summer to different destinations across its routes.

Excellent! And we hope that at least some of those promotions will involve ferry ports here in Southeast Alaska. The people of this region enjoy good deals and ferry travel as much — if not more — than anyone.