Southeast Alaska teams assembled Tuesday in Juneau for the region’s high school basketball tournament.

But, not without challenges.

Monday night’s weather prevented a couple of Alaska Airlines jets from landing in Ketchikan to pick up players and other students, coaches, chaperones and fans bound for the tourney.

This occurred after Alaska Airlines arranged to transport the students to Juneau when the Alaska Department of Transportation couldn’t. The only ferry providing mainline service between the Southeast communities had broken down. With no backup boat available, ferry service ended for at least the duration of the tournament.

It’s cooperation such as that displayed by AMHS and Alaska Airlines that has made regional tournaments possible for decades.

Businesses and  communities strive in multiple ways to ensure one of the highlights of a Southeast student’s high school career occurs.

Now assembled, it’s all up to the basketball players, the cheerleaders, pep club and pep band members, and dance teams to compete and entertain.

We wish all of them a safe and fun event, one that will illicit fond, lifetime memories, featuring fantastic play and performance, good sportsmanship, new or renewed friendships and appropriate awards. OK, you’re right, we’d like the championship trophy.

But, when all is said and done, a fine effort is what we admire most.