Ketchikan had a postcard-perfect weather day on Saturday.

The clear skies brought that vivid light that makes every wavelength of color crackle with energy. The ambient temperature — which tagged 59 degrees at Ketchikan International Airport in the mid-afternoon — felt roll-down-the-car-window delicious. The robins, woodpeckers, varied thrush, eagles and ravens were out, but the biting bugs were not.

It was a day to sun on the porch and dig in the garden, wax the truck and paint the siding, hit the trails and put the boat in the water. It was a good reminder of how beautiful this place can be, and of the opportunities for getting outside — in appropriate socially distanced ways, of course — that it offers.

Days like Saturday aren’t a fix for the circumstances that Ketchikan finds itself in relative to the pandemic, yet they can be a welcome balm that helps soothe the spirit. And while we do need rain in this rainforest, more days like Saturday will be welcome as we work toward returning to “normal” life.