Ketchikan has been quiet in recent days.

Places that hum with activity during a typical work day or weekend night have gone still. Fewer motor vehicles are on the roadways. And while there are many pockets of activity, most Ketchikan residents can see and feel a change.

Six positive test results for COVID-19 in the past week and Saturday’s shelter-in-place proclamation by local mayors emphasized that Ketchikan will not be avoiding the coronavirus pandemic.

As in many communities across the globe, an upending of daily lives, businesses and organizations has begun here in Ketchikan. How large the effects will be is unknown.

Many of us are finding that we’re navigating without our usual navigational aids, suddenly sailing blind in shoal water as the tempest gains force.

No doubt, mistakes have been and will be made. Some seem evident now and others will appear in hindsight. With good fortune, we’ll have future opportunities to revisit and learn from what is occurring at great speed now.

Today the focus should be on making decisions as best we can with the information available to us, acting in good faith on behalf of our families, friends and community.

That’s how we move forward and overcome, one day at a time.