Ketchikan is on a bad trend.

The novel coronavirus has been adding to its numbers here for the past nine days.

The total number of virus tests reported positive since a little more than a week ago reached 11 by Tuesday’s reporting.

The Ketchikan area  has had a total of 47 positive tests since the outbreak of COVID-19 began in March in Alaska.

The majority of recent 11 cases involve local residents, not seasonal workers/visitors. They relate to travel, either the infected person recently traveled or a close contact of the infected person has contracted the disease.

As a result, two sets of numbers are on the increase — the positive cases and the number of masks being acquired and worn. Just to be safe.

That’s the idea. To be safe.

Most of us don’t know who has tested positive, and, therefore, we don’t know whether we’ve crossed paths with someone who has tested positive.

And we don’t know who we might cross paths with who has come in contact with a person infected with the virus. We just don’t know.

It’s the not knowing that makes taking precautions a matter of common sense. Precautions include wearing masks in grocery stores and other high-traffic areas, washing hands frequently, and socially distancing. Gloves shouldn’t be dismissed as a caution, either.

It can’t hurt. It might help. It likely will.