If you want a test, you can get a test.

This is true in Ketchikan.

We continue to amazed by the availability of COVID-19 testing in the First City.

You can have a test when arriving at the airport, or at several health care providers within the community.

There’s also the state’s rapid testing site in the Ketchikan Ferry Terminal parking lot operated by Beacon Occupational Health and Safety Services.

A Daily News staff member made use of that site on a busy Monday morning as a line of vehicles stretched across the lot. The individual collecting the samples was courteous and efficient, at times literally running between vehicles and the test site. Results were returned promptly.

About the only way it could be any more convenient is if someone showed up at your front door with a test kit.

And if you’ve talked with people in the Lower 48, you know that obtaining a test isn’t quite so simple elsewhere. In this (and many other things), we are abundantly blessed.

Here’s the main thing. The knowledge gained from a test result informs a range of decisions that can help keep you, your family, your friends and your community safer. And the more decisions we make to lower the risks, the sooner we can put this pandemic behind us.

Ketchikan has the tools. It’s up to us to use them.