The Ketchikan Daily News debuted its new website in the past week.

The site, which originally went online in 2005, now reflects an updated design and operational capabilities.

It remains primarily a local news source, with all of the Ketchikan business, education and sports stories, as well as arts and entertainment features longstanding with the Daily News.

It also presents opinion pieces and obituaries, and a comprehensive supply of Alaska stories.

In addition to the news, the website provides avenues to advertise — classified and/or display opportunities — on the site and in the print edition of the newspaper. The full electronic edition of the print edition is accessible by clicking on “Print Edition” under the site’s masthead or the menu.

Customers can continue to subscribe for online or print versions. Print subscribers receive online access at no additional cost by registering, a feature enjoyed by those with absences from the community.

Photos printed in the Daily News also are available for sale through the site, and forms to announce births, engagements, weddings and obituaries are available, too, under “Forms/Services.”

Additionally, it is possible to buy back issues of the newspaper and commercial printing through the “Forms/Services” option on the site.

It also is possible to reach potential Prince of Wales Island customers by arranging for advertising through the Daily News website. The Daily News publishes the Prince of Wales Island Post.

The site has directions for maintaining or starting access. But, if assistance is needed, a call to the Daily News will provide that.

The Daily News will be tweaking different aspects of the site as time goes on. Suggestions and thoughts in regard to the site are welcome from its customers.

We hope you enjoy the new look and ability to navigate the site. It is our pleasure to make it available to you.

Happy reading!