The Daily News is fortunate in its many supporters.

This week started off with a mechanical issue Sunday night. The power supply for the machine that makes the printing plates for the press died.

A new power supply was shipped Monday and arrived Wednesday when it was immediately installed.

The Daily News would like to thank the following:

• Customers for their gracious response on Monday morning when no newspaper was delivered.

• Anne Loesch and Ola Richards of the Petersburg Pilot for arranging for and making the printing plates for three days of publication, including Monday’s, which was eventually delivered, albeit late.

• Alaska Airlines for the option to Gold Streak the printing plates from Petersburg.

• Wayne Blough and Barry Clark of Eastman Kodak Company, who provided their expertise with shipping and the machine to get it back on line.

• Federal Express for delivering the power supply from Dayton, Ohio to the Daily News’ front door.

• Tom Lattin and First City Electric for standing by and then installing the new power supply.

It isn’t unheard of that such incidents occur. About 20-25 years ago, the folder broke on the press, and once again the Daily News relied on the Pilot. Since then, the Pilot has called on the Daily News to assist through mechanical breakdowns.

But never has the Daily News delivered two newspapers on the same day as it did Thursday, when both Wednesday’s and Thursday’s editions showed up for customers.

With those deliveries, the Daily News is back on schedule with newspapers being delivered as they are scheduled to be.

For that and all of the assistance in making it possible, we are grateful to all of those mentioned above.