This is a new one — Mother’s Day in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 has us physical distancing and staying in our homes if possible. Not typical practices for marking Mother’s Day.

This situation might put physical distance between mom and some of us, but it won’t separate us from the fact that mom is mom, and, today we’re thinking of her. Or, maybe in a few cases, it might be Mr. Mom.

All mothers are different. They might be our biological mother, our adoptive mom, our foster mom, our best friend’s mom or some other person who fits the bill as mom in our lives.

All mothers have their strengths and weaknesses. Some are proud of the job they’ve done or are doing as our parent, while others wish they had or were doing something — if they only knew what — differently.

Mothers, in many cases, are our biggest fans. They might not always like what we do or say, but they still love us. They protect us even as they correct or punish us. Their forgiveness is — more often than not — unlimited.

It’s all about teaching us to grow into loving and responsible adults. Some of us make it, while others fight it too much of the way.

Still, mom teaches us. If she’s around, the lessons come daily. If she isn’t, we’re formed by her absence and other adult models in our lives.

When we praise or criticize, protect or ignore, provide or neglect, or bake or no bake, we can see how mom influenced our lives.

Whatever we learned from our mothers, Sunday is the day to appreciate the good and forget the challenges of growing up and growing older.

Because mom does (did) her best in the circumstances at the time. Just as we’re doing the best we can during the pandemic.