Ketchikan supports Love in Action and LIA is here for the community.

The nonprofit group of a dozen-plus churches comes to the rescue in challenging times, and this past year has been one of the toughest for the community.

The group helps Christians, but it also is responsive to potential believers and those who might never accept Jesus Christ as savior.

The group collects donations from all denominations and those who don't worship at any of God's houses. It is available to all, givers and receivers alike.

All types of life events put individuals and families in need. it could be the loss of a job, a death in the family, the arrest of the household breadwinner or simply a check delayed in the mail. The list is endless and varied.

But through Love in Action and its community support, the needy receive a hand up. It might be the difference between holding up and carrying on or returning to a place of vulnerability. LIA is supportive through its action.

Local businesses and government, as well as individuals, depend on this nonprofit group to discern to whom assistance should be directed and to what extent. It has the expertise and the knowledge of the community — who needs help and who has help to give.

And it has a cadre of volunteers so that the one can connect with the other.

Love in Action operates year-round, month in and month out. As an example, in April the group served 61 households. The households consisted of 98 adults and 48 kids. Of the households who sought assistance, 11 did so for the first time ever.

Ketchikan accomplishes much through Love in Action, thanks to the community and its churches, and mutual respect.

It's remarkable what the community can do together.