Several days of clear skies and sunshine helped to get many Ketchikan residents outside this weekend.

It was great to see Ketchikan folks on the bike paths and trails. Families enjoying the beaches. Boaters out on the water. Kids stunting at the skate park. Snow machiners heading for the hills.

The feeling was really quite similar to a lovely spring day in Ketchikan, Alaska. Which, of course, it was.

With the world’s troubles now reaching into our community, local residents do well to make use of all of the elements of normalcy that we possess.

A gorgeous spring day reminds us that this is a beautiful place. Seeing people enjoying the day reminds us that Ketchikan has many good residents, and that life continues on.

We cannot predict how great a toll will be exacted from the community because of the coronavirus situation. The threats are real, and loom large. What we can control is our response, individually and as a community, with thought, care and consideration.

Meanwhile, it’s worth taking a moment on a sunny day to get out, look around, and take stock of what we have.

Many, many good things, indeed.