Ketchikan streets tend to turn quieter as the fall season rolls toward winter and stormy days like Monday discourage folks from going out and about.

While our thoughts turn to home and hearth this time of year, let’s continue to keep in mind the many local businesses that remain open to serve the community.

Operated by our fellow Ketchikan residents, these shops, eateries and service providers depend upon the community’s patronage. They can be here for Ketchikan as long as Ketchikan is here for them.

That’s a virtuous circle we all should help sustain as winter arrives. Look local first. Frequent your favorites. Seek out new opportunities. Keep your dollars circulating in Ketchikan.

Each of us, together, doing what we can to support our Ketchikan friends and neighbors, will be essential to seeing our community through what remains of 2020 and into a hopefully brighter future.