We’ve all said it before: “We need to get out of the house!”

Indeed, we do.

And it’s one of the things the Dunleavy administration says we can do. It’s been saying that since the beginning of the novel coronavirus in Alaska.

Gov. Mike Dunleavy himself not only has suggested it, but he’s strongly encouraged it, noting the expanse of clean air, hiking trails, waterfront and scenery here.

It’s difficult to find a better prescription for good health than Alaska. In most cases, it doesn’t even cost anything other than time.

Getting into the outdoors when done with common sense — wear your hood in the rain and a cap in the sunshine — benefits much beyond health, too. It’s a time for families to bond, for kids to burn off energy, for parents to refresh their perspective, and all of us to enjoy the great gift of Alaska.

Alaskans have been presented with the current COVID-19 situation. Now we have to make the most of it.

Let’s take some time and get outside. It’s good for our health.

It’s time to play.