The leash law in Ketchikan is about to change.

Or it’s expected to when the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly meets Monday in its regularly scheduled session.

One item on the agenda pertains to electronic dog leashes.

Such leashes really aren’t leashes in the sense of one end is in a dog owner’s hand and the other end is attached to the owner’s dog, allowing for physical control at all times.

Electronic leashes involve a static shock collar around a dog’s neck and a remote control device in an owner’s hand. Theoretically, the device allows the owner to control the dog, given different settings of stimulus.

Sufficient evidence exists that the electronic leashes aren’t always effective, particularly when dogs are highly agitated, are provoked by a person or another animal, or feel threatened with physical harm to itself or its owner, according to information provided by the borough.

Additionally, all dogs are different. While e-collars work well for some, they are less effective for others, particularly in specific circumstances.

The dog ordinance to be before the Assembly also will address a loophole pertaining to animal safety and clean up existing language.

It’s all for the dogs’ welfare.