Ketchikan welcomed Gov. Mike Dunleavy on Thursday.

Dunleavy met with local leaders and the news media at the White Cliff Building.

He was accompanied by Anne Zink, the chief medical officer for the State of Alaska.

Dunleavy and Zink chose a warm spring day in Ketchikan to make an appearance, with mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the middle 50’s. Truly a day that showed off the First City, and allowed for a pleasant trip for the duo.

This visit marked the first of the governor since April 8, 2019 when Dunleavy came to address the Greater Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce.

Much has happened since then when the state operating budget and the Alaska Marine Highway System dominated the governor’s and the audience’s attention.

For the past year, the hot topic for the governor, and particularly Zink, was the response to the novel coronavirus. A topic still very much in the sights of Alaska’s chief executive.

Kindly, he also spoke of two of the most prominent issues for Ketchikan — the cruise ship industry’s challenges since the advent of COVID-19 and the Marine Highway System, as well as their effects on Ketchikan.

Sen. Bert Stedman of Sitka and Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer also made an appearance in Ketchikan on Thursday. Sen. Dan Sullivan, Alaska’s junior senator in Washington, D.C. is expected on Friday.

As Dunleavy, accompanied by Zink, flew off aboard a seaplane to visit other Alaska communities, Ketchikan appreciated that it not only heard from the governor, but had an opportunity to speak with him.

Thank you, Governor, for touching down in Ketchikan.