The upcoming Labor Day Weekend signals the end of summer and the closing out of summertime activities.

But, there is still time for the last hurrah.

While needles are falling off the trees, the rain is coming down in fall-like fashion, nights have become longer and temperatures a tad lower, there is still enough opportunity on this first day of September to get out and enjoy the great doors.

Fishing trips, boat excursions, campouts and hikes to places where snow will soon prevent traversing might be the highlight of the three-day weekend. Or maybe hikes to places where snow rarely comes.

For those who don’t wish to go so far, barbecues and a nice-sized walk around the neighborhood might suffice.

You get the idea — even if your thoughts tended toward winding down the summer before the new school year started a week ago. You might be ready to clean and store the barbecue, rinse off outdoor furniture, put hoses away until spring, and the like.

Labor Day, simply by definition, isn’t a time to sit around.

This is the time to do. Do it over the long weekend.