Our congratulations go to the winners of the Ketchikan area’s municipal elections, and thank you again to all candidates for your willingness to serve.

As a group, the newly elected individuals are a mix of experienced and first-time public office holders. That can be a positive. New perspectives can assist a decision-making process, as can institutional knowledge and political skills honed over time. We’re looking forward to see how the dynamics within each entity work out in the days ahead.

Mostly, we’d like to wish all members of the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly, Ketchikan School Board, Ketchikan City Council and Saxman City Council every bit of good wisdom, good humor and good energy possible going forward.

If the recent past is any indication, the near future likely will pose many challenges here in Ketchikan. Our elected officials don’t and won’t have an easy job ahead. But if they’re successful in guiding Ketchikan through, they will have done our community a great service indeed.

That’s what it’s about. Serving the community well. The community has chosen those whom will serve, and we wish you every success in helping Ketchikan continue to be a great community.