Given the occasion, Ketchikan — like communities elsewhere — likes to celebrate.

The past 12 months has presented limits on more than one day traditionally observed; some simply didn’t happen.

Ketchikan adjusted for the Fourth of July, and it canceled the Blueberry Arts Festival. No Rainy Day Quilters Guild show, but, as much as possible, family and friends dined together for Thanksgiving and marked the Savior’s birth on Christmas Day.

Because of this hit-and-miss schedule, we find ourselves looking particularly forward to St. Patrick’s Day this week.

St. Patrick’s Day marks the death of Saint Patrick — the foremost patron saint of the Irish — and commemorates the beginning of Christianity in Ireland. It is celebrated with parades (even in Ketchikan), special food (corned beef), drinking (shamrock shakes) and all manner of green (especially shamrocks).

While gatherings are smaller and precautions continue, it still is possible to mark St. Patrick’s Day with a light-hearted spirit.

All things green on Wednesday will show our jovial resilience.

Let’s celebrate carefully, but not forget the fun influence of the Irish.