Indications are that, step by careful step, Ketchikan is gaining ground on the pandemic.

The percentage of the number infected go up and then down again. Then repeat.

But, the community, through following the guidelines and using common sense, is starting to see some semblance of normal.

Case in point, youth sports.

This past week, Ketchikan High School had its athletes competing in soccer, softball, baseball, track and field, and even wrestling.

It was somewhat jumbled up, of course. Wrestling isn't typically a spring sport, but moving the wrestling season to the spring is giving the athletes who want to participate the opportunity to do so this school year.

And that’s presented the need for some choices, as some student athletes who’ve wrestled often play spring sports, as well. But, it's all there. And, it all is happening.

This is a giant step for high school athletics from a year ago.

It shows that a situation can always get better. Sometimes the weather will do it's part toward that, as it did this weekend, and life picks up where it left off and goes on.

The best Ketchikan has in the way of sports is happening now. And there's more to come.