It’s encouraging to hear that the Greater Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce has begun planning toward a Fourth of July parade this year.

The Lions Club, too, is planning for its signature fireworks show on the Fourth.

Knowing these events are being scheduled provides the community with encouragement. So much is changing, but still we can look forward to a continuation of one of Ketchikan’s longest-running and best-loved traditions. The spirit of Ketchikan remains unchanged.

We appreciate the efforts of the chamber, Lions Club and others to adapt such events for current circumstances. The additional considerations bring more complexity to organizing events — especially as circumstances continue to evolve. We wish them well, and know that many local residents will be willing to assist as they can.

Ultimately, the ability to have community events on the Fourth of July will depend on the community. Not only on the organizational end, but in the adherence to whatever guidelines are established to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus during the event. Considerate behavior will help make the 2020 Fourth of July a safe, positive experience for Ketchikan, and likely will provide the framework for future community events.

We’re looking forward to a terrific Fourth of July in Ketchikan.