Uh oh, it’s the final day to file for the 2021 Alaska Permanent Fund dividend.

It’s as if the filing period opened only yesterday, but it’s been 70 yesterdays ago since signups started Jan. 1. The year is completing its first quarter today.

It’s now or never for the ’21 dividend application, although proof of residency information can be filed after April 1.

The State of Alaska encourages and advertises online filing as the easiest option. Although, paper filing is an option, too.

To file online, it’s a matter of typing in pfd.alaska.gov in the url. All you need to know is there.

To file on paper, the forms are available at the same url or through the Ketchikan Legislative Information Office at 1900 First Ave., Suite 310; or the Ketchikan Public Library, 1110 Copper Ridge Lane.

The advantages of filing online include one less stamp to purchase, no need to visit the U.S. Post Office, not forgetting to mail the print form, and immediate confirmation that your application is received.

Those who file online and ask for direct deposit will be eligible to receive their dividend in the first disbursement, likely in October. Print applications will be subsequent, along with check disbursements.

As of late Tuesday afternoon, 586,555 Alaskans had filed for a permanent fund dividend. With more than 730,000 Alaskans, that leaves 150,000 or thereabouts in applications still not filed.

The amount of the dividend hasn’t been determined by state officials. But it will be something, and if history repeats itself, it will be significant.

Whether it is used for necessities, education, a vacation or to support a charity, this is Alaskans’ money and Alaskans individually decide what to do with it.

Sign up and choose.