The 2020 U.S. Census is about money and power.

The census, which is conducted every decade, will determine the number of Americans.

Those numbers will be used to distribute funding and allocate representation in the states.

Alaskans who are interested in programs that have to do with housing, education, employment, health care, public policy and transportation will want to be counted.

It’s through the census that Alaska’s share of federal funding for these programs is determined, and not for a single year, but for each and every year up to 2030.

To date, 52.3% of Ketchikan households have completed a census. That’s higher than the statewide percentage, but lower than the national average of 63%.

The census also will be used to determine representation in Congress and state Legislatures.

Every state has two U.S. senators, but the number of members in the U.S. House of Representatives is based on numbers acquired through the census.

In Alaska, as in other states, the census numbers will be used to compose election districts. Ketchikan used to have two state House members. But, as a result of a declining population, it has one.

Census forms were mailed out to all residences in Ketchikan and the state in April. If that form, which had an identification number, was misplaced, or for one reason or another, not received, the form can be filled out online. At this point, that’s the only option. A telephone number is available online for the U.S. Census Bureau, as well.

The online address is

Filling out the form is a matter of minutes. The result is federal funding coming to Alaska for Alaskans instead of to others elsewhere.

Support Alaska by filling out the census before the current deadline of Sept. 30.