Ketchikan is welcoming the change that comes with moving the economy forward.

The most obvious sign is the painting a bright yellow of the curbs in downtown Ketchikan.

It’s only one small sign, albeit a bright one, but, indeed, it gets the attention.

Other signs might not be as evident in a pass through the town.

City officials announced this week that the Port of Ketchikan has been hiring for port security when the cruise ships arrive in July and August.

They also say that it has been resolved — at least for this season — that the Norwegian Cruise Line ship Norwegian Encore’s passengers who will arrive at the Ward Cove dock will be bused to downtown and other sites and tours on the island. The buses will disembark passengers at Berth 2, which is a typical off-loading point for cruise passengers. Others might be conveyed downtown via water taxi.

Additionally, the restrooms at the port are being equipped with touchless faucets and other amenities to reduce the potential spread of contagious diseases. These amenities also simply are more sanitary.

It hasn’t gone unnoticed that shops that cater mostly to tourists — but, of course, will gladly serve locals, as well — are opening, dusting off shelves and putting on the ritz Ketchikan style.

This might not have come as soon as the community would have liked. But, it’s coming, and it will be more welcome than it’s ever been.

Ketchikan is getting ready.