The snow, rain and sunshine of this past Easter weekend provided fresh evidence of how quickly our weather can change.

Similarly, these past 13 months have brought rapidly changing conditions to the community of Ketchikan. Stormy here, cloudy there, with few sunspots between; tracking the shifting situations in town continues to be a challenge.

And while we‘re all doing what we can to adjust to our individual circumstances, we do well to remember and care for those around us.

It can be an act of bravery to step outside of our own bubbles these days, for doing so can make us aware of the magnitude of need that exists around us. We are continually humbled when considering the circumstances that we know are facing family and friends, the folks down the block and the stooped figures on the street.

But what can we do? The easy thing is to simply throw up our hands and retreat. However, we know from experience that’s not a very Ketchikan thing to do. What we’ve seen in the past are extraordinary individuals finding ways to address the needs in front of them. People with different skills and resources and interests seeking how they can contribute, then following through to make a difference. That’s the Ketchikan community we’ve known for years, and the Ketchikan community that we need now to pull us through this period of rapid change and uncertainty.

To the many of you who are doing what you can, from the most simple words of encouragement to the most substantial commitments of time, energy and resources, thank you.

To us all, we bring the words written by Charles Dickens as an encouragment: “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of others.”