We ask why.

Why act and speak like an idiot, likely embarrassing family, friends and supporters, and smearing your mission?

This happened recently with one guy who will be mentioned here. But it happens multiple times by both genders, every race, even the religious, and often amongst politicians, protesters, athletes and Hollywood, to name a few examples.

Minneapolis state House candidate John Thompson (DFL-St. Paul) recently chose to attend a Black Lives Matter demonstration outside the home of the president of the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association. In the president’s driveway, actually.

There, he made an expletive-laden speech and beat an effigy of the president; an effigy of the president’s wife also appeared at the demonstration. At this point, the question is: Why the wife? She isn’t the president of a police union with more than 10,000 members who have families and friends, bringing the number of police-sympathetic to multiple tens of thousands of potential voters.

The response to Thompson’s performance is encouraging. The union switched its endorsement to not only another candidate, but a candidate with a different party affiliation.

The public response in the highly Democratic district mirrored the union’s response, criticizing his words and behavior.

Thompson apologized. He says he doesn’t want to resort to inflammatory rhetoric. The issues he wants to address deserve better than that, he says, noting in a letter he wrote on his website that he wants to work to end violence.

Additionally, Thompson says in the letter: “We all do better when we all do better,” quoting Paul Wellstone, who represented Minnesota in the U.S. Senate for 12 years.

Also on the site is a picture of Thompson with his wife, son and daughter, a lovely looking family. Those kids deserve a better example from their father. His wife expects a man who shows respect for women, many of whom were in the crowd of demonstrators he addressed.

Thompson can do better in representing himself and his cause, and potentially his elected position. He isn’t the only one.