The names of two potential candidates for the vacant Ketchikan City Council seat resonate in the community.

The vacancy occurred Oct. 5 when voters in the municipal election chose Dave Kiffer, a councilman at the time, to fill the mayor’s position.

Kiffer ran unopposed, but it wasn’t known until the August filing deadline that he would be without competition.

Lallette Kistler, a 39-year resident with a wide array of experience in financial administration and music, appeared on the ballot, along with Council Member Janalee Gage, who was re-elected, and Jai Mahtani, who is newly elected.

Kistler received 591 voters and came in third in the race for two open seats. Gage garnered 665 and Mahtani had 628.

Bronson Olson, who has experience in managing, buying and merchandizing, sought a seat on the council as a write-in candidate. The 10-year resident tallied 46 votes.

Olson and Kistler as potential council members in the latest election should be at the beginning of any line of potential candidates that might form.

Kistler has indicated she is interested in the newest vacancy. Olson has until the end of the workday Nov. 5 to again place his name in the running for a seat at the council table.

Of course, any City of Ketchikan resident who meets the requirements can apply. Candidates must be at least 18. They also are required to be at least one-year residents, U.S. citizens and qualified city voters.

The council will appoint a candidate for one year to complete the remainder of Kiffer’s council member term.

Ketchikan already has two promising candidates.