The recent surge in COVID-19 cases in Ketchikan underscores that we are not immune from the novel coronavirus.

It is here. It has been spreading. It has sickened a number of residents, four this week to the point of hospitalization.

The community is responding in calibrated ways. Some businesses that have had staff with positive test results have closed temporarily. Others are modifying how they operate. Local governments and schools have revised their operations — two schools have had temporary closures. Churches and other nonprofit operations have been affected in various ways, as have the daily lives of just about every resident of the area.

Unfortunately, whether these measures are viewed as an overreaction, underreaction or the appropriate action has been a function of the eye of the beholder. Consensus has been difficult, made even more so by politics.

But simple facts remain. Forty-three new positive test results in the previous seven days. Forty-nine active cases as of Thursday evening; four local residents hospitalized.

Another fact: Absent a cure or miracle, what happens tomorrow and the next day and the week after that has been, is and will be determined by us. Individually and as a community.

Time will reveal the outcomes of those choices, hopefully for the good.