The weather — for weeks — has been a hot topic even as the temperatures dipped to zero at times at night.

You could hear people discussing the weather in store aisles, in church parking lots, on the sidewalks, and even shouting it across the streets.

“Some weather we’re having,” it would go. “But, I see it’s about to rain.”

“We’re ready for it,” would come the response.

Rain. Gotta love it. Gotta hate it.

That’s what we do in Ketchikan.

Ketchikan, which has had one of the hard winters because of low temperatures and ice conditions, appears to be downright delighted that the humidity is increasing and the temps rising. People are actually smiling about the incoming rain. And we’re feeling it, too.

But step back a few months, even a year ago last summer or January of 2015 when Ketchikan Creek overflowed, and we felt differently. All of the smiles related to the rain weren’t evident. They weren’t there.

Then again, last summer in a matter of weeks Ketchikan appeared to go from happy to see the sunshine to anxious for a reprieve from it. The rain is coming!

Ketchikan is always talking about the weather. It’s too rainy. It’s too cold. That’s enough sun for the time being. We don’t like the wind.

We hear it all. We say it all; and come to the conclusion that Ketchikan, as least when it comes to the weather, likes change.

Starting today, change is upon us again. Welcome to the rain.