Ketchikan has its champions.

When times get tough — as with the coronavirus pandemic — they rise to the occasion.

The folks of whom we speak, of course, include first responders — our police officers, firefighters and emergency medical technicians.

They include the physicians, the nurses and the other staff at the hospital and clinics, as well.

Their number includes the staff at senior citizen homes and child care facilities.

Specific to a COVID-19 situation, as we find ourselves, the grocery stores’ checkers and courtesy clerks are no less champions as they man the front line.

And, as important as all of the above, are their teams. Groceries don’t find their way to the shelves on their own. A business puts its hard-earned financial capital on the line to grow, make, acquire or distribute supplies. The items must be ordered, shipped, unloaded and shelved.

No one works alone in private enterprise, nor in the public sector for that matter.

The champions include those who matter-of-factly — with due caution and common sense — carry out the duties that too often are taken for granted.

They keep the lights on, the fuel in the tanks, the water flowing and the garbage collected. Garbage stacking up throughout the community during a pandemic would exacerbate the spread of and create an influx of new disease.

Not all can isolate without serious consequences for the community.

When all this is considered, we acknowledge that we expect much day in and day out. And our expectations have been reliably met and are continuing to be a priority.

We thank you all for doing what’s best and right for the community. Such a situation as that of the coronavirus can bring out the worst in people, but it also illuminates the best in people.

We’re seeing the best of the best in our government and businesses. For that, we are grateful.