Whether it’s summer break from school or the ill-timed time-out due to the coronavirus, it bears noting that students aren’t in class.

Combine that with the sunshine, and they are being seen outside playing.

Some of them are little tykes who don’t necessarily get out of the way when motor vehicles come along.

Others simply surprise a driver who is expecting them to be anywhere but on the streets in the middle of a morning in March.

Why shouldn’t the kids play outside? If they’re not sick, the fresh air and the warm sunshine, along with time away from class, is an infrequent opportunity this time of year.

This serves as a caution to drivers, whether it’s a friend or family member in the neighborhood or a carrier on a daily route. The U.S. Postal Service, United Parcel Service and FedEx come to mind. All of us should be mindful of the kids.

This is to say that while we drive responsibility when kids are in school, we want to be especially alert when they aren’t. And that’s the case until they return to class following the COVID-19 scare.

The coronavirus will pass, like many things before it. And the students will return to school.