Let's take it into overtime.

Congressman Don Young has asked the U.S. Census Director to extend the field data collection deadline to Oct. 31.

The director announced in April that the deadline would be in October, acknowledging that the novel coronavirus' effect on data collection. It basically affected the ability of census-takers to collect the info.

Collection was delayed and disrupted in Alaska, not to mention throughout the United States, in order to protect the health and safety of the public.

The current deadline is Sept. 30, but the questions arise as to whether the most accurate and responsive count can be accomplished by then. The answer is likely not.

The count affects federal funding for such as schools, infrastructure improvements, economic development, Medicaid and countless other state programs. Even the COVID-19 relief funds to the states are determined by the census count.

The census takers have been out this week in Ketchikan. But counting takes time, and the virus certainly erased time for the count.

A 30-day extention in the name of fairness is prudent and benefits all states, Alaska especially. It's consistent with the nation's values.