Alaska’s candidates and causes should be funded by Alaskans.
And the funds should be spent in Alaska.
Alaska doesn’t need Outside financial and political influences, and it welcomes the boost to the economy provided by an election.
Candidates in the June 11 special election in the process of replacing the late Congressman Don Young in the U.S. House of Representatives were required this week to report fundraising totals for the past approximately 60 days.
Of the 48 candidates, only a few raised or spent at least $5,000, according to the Federal Elections Commission.
Sarah Palin, former Alaska governor, raised $630,000, most of which came from the Outside, and only $23,000 from Alaskan donors.
Al Gross, a physician, reported raising $550,000, of which about $82,000 came from Alaskans.
Tara Sweeney, an Alaska Native leader, reported $230,000, plus the Alaskans for Tara Super Pac raised $400,000. About 70% of her reported funds were from Alaskans.
Nick Begich III, a technology entrepreneur, reported raising $135,000; Josh Revak, a state senator, $110,000, and Mary Peltola, a former state representative, $80,000.
Some of the money is being spent Outside — Virginia, Missouri, Nevada — on polls and mailers.
This is Alaska’s election. It should be funded by Alaskans, and the funds should be spent in Alaska.