This week is about old things and community history. It’s also about Alaska’s story.

A statewide celebration of Alaska museums and cultural centers started Sunday.

Coordinated by Museums Alaska, according to its press release, the event is designed to increase “awareness of collecting institutions as stewards of culture and history, centers for education, community anchors, economic engines, and employers.”

Alaska has more than 100 museums and cultural centers. They will be offering films, tours, exhibits, gatherings, arts activities and collections available online. Virtual tours are available, at participating museums.

In Ketchikan, both the Historical Museum downtown and Tongass Historical Center on Deermount Street are open during the week. The exhibit “Into the Wind” is on display downtown. It is an aviation exhibit.

Exhibits throughout the state are available through the Museums Alaska website at

Topics range from art to Alaska history, Native cultures, aviation, earth science, historic buildings, activities, military and mining.

It’s a magnificent opportunity to learn about Alaska and its highlights.

And there’s no better week to do it.