Every bit helps.

This is a note of appreciation for those individuals and entities who provide so much support for the Ketchikan community in the form of grants, scholarships, gifts and sponsorships.

Hardly a day passes here without news of another sign of such support.

Sometimes it’s an outright gift, such as the $10,000 that Alaska Airlines donated this past week for the Ketchikan Gateway Borough baseball and softball fields improvement project. Then there are the wide variety of grant programs, such as those through the Ketchikan Community Foundation and Rasmuson Foundation. Local students are recipients of an amazing number of scholarships from sources in Ketchikan and beyond. It’s great to see the businesses and other groups that sponsor everything from youth sports teams to performing arts productions in Ketchikan. And check the incredible range of donors for fundraising auctions and prize ladders.

The financial assistance can make a huge difference — and there’s another aspect of value. The support says that this project is worthwhile; that you have talent; that this endeavor shows promise; that this activity is important for the community. It’s two boosts rolled into one.

So, here’s to all those on the giving side. Every bit helps. And when you add it all up, it helps Ketchikan quite a bit.