Nine months ago today, the Ketchikan EOC announced the first positive test result for COVID-19 in Ketchikan.

Since then, the Daily News has tried to track the occurrence and effects of the novel coronavirus pandemic here in Ketchikan and across Alaska.

The numbers are simple to track. The effects are not. We know that the human, social and economic effects are profound, and we know that our current understanding just scratches the surface.

We’re also surprised that, nine months in, an end is not yet in sight. Even so, we have reached a remarkable milepost.

On Wednesday morning, the first 20 doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine arrived in Ketchikan via Alaska Airlines.

Time will tell how the arrival of this initial small batch of vaccines and the soon-to-be-growing availability will affect the COVID-19 pandemic. If not “silver bullets” themselves, we hope vaccines can at least help to reverse the national and statewide trends of the past three months.

Again, time will tell. For now, we’re marking the arrival of a white box marked “COVID-19 VACCINE” in Ketchikan on the calendar as a red-letter day indeed.