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The state Legislature convened this week to begin what is anticipated to be an onerous session.

It’s exciting to see Smithsonian magazine featuring six Native artists from Southeast Alaska.

One year ago today, a small news brief appeared on page 10 of the Jan. 21, 2020, edition of the Ketchikan Daily News.

Joe Biden will become president of the United States in a swearing-in ceremony today.

We think today of all the people who would be here with us today if we all could get along.

Alaska’s Legislature convenes Tuesday, and Alaskans’ and the Alaska congressional delegation’s attention should be on Alaska.

Many Ketchikan residents of a certain age remember what commercial air travel was like before 9/11.

Back in December, Congress approved more than $3 million to continue and expand monitoring baseline water quality at the international borders of transboundary rivers in Southeast Alaska.

President-elect Joe Biden would do well to take the oath of office privately and dispense with any ceremony that places him in danger.

Alaska’s congressional delegation is applauding the U.S. Navy’s Arctic strategy document that was released this past week.

Alaskans recognized Law Enforcement Appreciation Day over the weekend.

Alaska reached a decades-long goal this week.

The initial excitement about the COVID-19 vaccine is devolving into confusion as Alaskans try to figure out who can be vaccinated when and where.

The awarding of a contract to build two new NOAA research ships should pique Ketchikan’s interest.

It’s good to hear that the Inter-Island Ferry Authority will be able to once again assist the Alaska Marine Highway System with service between Ketchikan and Metlakatla later this month while the AMHS vessel that usually serves the route is undergoing maintenence.

Many people in Ketchikan and across Alaska have a long acquaintance with Don Young, the Alaska Republican who now is serving his 25th term in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Ketchikan — as with most of Alaska — will benefit from the year-end appropriations bill passed by Alaska’s congressional delegation in concurrence with colleagues in Congress this past week.

If this were a normal year in Ketchikan, the days following Christmas would be filled with the sounds of cheering crowds, pep band music and basketballs echoing off the hardwood floor of Ketchikan High School’s Clarke Cochrane Gymnasium.

This is the story of Jesus’ birth — the reason for Christmas Day, as printed in the New Living Bible.

A far distance spans between a windswept beach in Alaska and the hushed chambers of Congress in Washington, D.C.

Nine months ago today, the Ketchikan EOC announced the first positive test result for COVID-19 in Ketchikan.

It was a pleasure to open a recent email from the Greater Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce and find a festive batch of announcements that included a bright red notice of particular interest.

Ketchikan is outstanding with its decorating this Christmas season.

A year-long pandemic calls to mind a time when Ketchikan took pride in a multi-faceted economy.

This past week’s storm that walloped Southeast Alaska drew an appropriate response from Gov. Mike Dunleavy, who on Saturday signed a declaration of disaster emergency for the region.

It didn't take long for an effort to resume cruise ship operations to hit a COVID-19 related snag, quite unfortunately.

The U.S. House on Tuesday approved the Water Resources Development of Act of 2020, which now goes to the U.S. Senate for consideration.

Anyone who stood on the Park Avenue bridge Saturday evening and watched a thunderous Ketchikan Creek as it plunged and roiled toward Creek Street gained a new respect for the awesome power of moving water.

Tough times came along in 2020, but they also did nearly 80 years ago — and in between.

It's difficult to image Alaska without a decades-long commercial fishing industry. But a pandemic was unimaginable a year ago, too.

On Tuesday, the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line ship Quantum of the Seas set sail from Singapore’s Marina Bay for the company’s first cruise with paying passengers since March.

On Wednesday afternoon, the U.S. Coast Guard launched a helicopter and response boat effort for Haines, which has suffered a large landslide and several smaller slides caused by the heavy rainfall of recent days.

The Alaska Permanent Fund will be a hot topic in the upcoming legislative session that begins next month.

Thursday’s national day of gratitude touched upon one type of giving — the giving of thanks for the blessings that we have received.

This is the season for miracles.

Alaska’s tremendous inventory of natural resources includes the game species that so many residents have harvested responsibly for centuries.

The Ketchikan City Council has begun work on the city budget for 2021.

A push is underway to extend the deadline for CARES Act spending well into 2021.

Ketchikan hardly needs to be reminded.