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The lights in the Ketchikan Daily News office flickered for a moment at around 6:15 p.m. on Sunday.

Please join me in voting “no” on Ballot Measure 1. The so-called “fair share act” seeks to reconfigure Alaska’s oil and gas tax structure by amending the current regime established by Senate Bill 21, or the More Alaska Production Act.

Ketchikan streets tend to turn quieter as the fall season rolls toward winter and stormy days like Monday discourage folks from going out and about.

It is my hope that as Alaskans go to the polls they are weighing the considerable risks that the Oil Tax Initiative (Ballot Measure No. 1) poses to Alaska’s economy. For openers, should the initiative pass, it will be the fourth major change in oil taxes in 14 years. Alaska will not be seen …

It came, it will go, and Ketchikan will proceed to the next issue.

Ballot Measure 1 amends the current production tax system to be fair and transparent for Alaskans. In a recent interview with a Bloomfield reporter, I was asked an excellent question, “What is wrong with the existing production tax system?” Alaskans should know the answer to this question.

Kudos go to the Ketchikan High School Student Body Association for its hosting of a forum with House District 36 candidates Dan Ortiz and Leslie Becker.

Politics and a pandemic have hijacked much of the attention that we’d be giving to other pressing issues in more-normal times.

Locals are clearly tuned into the issue of Port of Ketchikan development.

Although low clouds obscured Deer Mountain for much of the day Monday, people who could see into the high country behind Ketchikan witnessed the season’s first dustings of snow on the mountains.

The “bubble.” New catchy phrase that now describes “the virus” in various forms of recovery. The popular 1980s video game Pac-Man had an iconic figure eating all the dots inside a maze while avoiding four colored ghosts. Eating large flashing dots called "energizers" caused the ghosts to tur…

The Ketchikan City Council will make a gigantic decision within the week.

Next year Alaska will finally pass the breaking point. Our deficit will be far greater than the remaining savings to cover it. Our future is grim without the very fair, very needed revenue Ballot Measure 1 will provide. With almost $20 million that London and Texas-based oil companies have s…

The brisk pace of Southeast Alaska’s commercial pot shrimp fishery that started on Oct. 1 is a reminder that Ketchikan and the broader region have a blue economy that operates year-round, bringing jobs and other economic benefits.

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Oil tax policy should be based on objective comparative analysis of what’s reasonable in a global economy. Our current tax policy adopted under Senate Bill 21 is flawed in several respects and should be amended and improved. In this context, I think it’s appropriate and useful to discuss my …

As if a fine weather day in Ketchikan wasn’t enough, we often find reminders from elsewhere that life in the First City compares rather well.

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It’s unfortunate, but not surprising that the Alaska School Activities Association is canceling state championships.

Our congratulations go to the winners of the Ketchikan area’s municipal elections, and thank you again to all candidates for your willingness to serve.