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The 2020 U.S. Census is about money and power.

It’s been a long road — and there’s a long way to go — but the wheels are still turning and that’s good news indeed.

Alaska wouldn’t be Alaska without wild salmon.

Ketchikan has seen no election season more important than the one at hand.

No one wants to see life and the economy return to normal more than the hardworking Alaskans who are the life-blood of our great state. I include myself in that category. Every day, my team looks at the data to make informed decisions on what we need to do to get Alaskans back to work withou…

In 2019, tourism was the second-largest private sector employer in Alaska. The landscape in 2020 is devastatingly different for tourism operators, large and small, because of COVID-19.

The University of Alaska Board of Regents made the right decision Wednesday in voting unanimously not to proceed with drafting a conceptual plan for merging the University of Alaska Southeast and University of Alaska Fairbanks.

It’s an election year, which means some legislative candidates are pledging the unaffordable. It’s comforting to know that even as most everything else in life is unsettled by the pandemic, campaign rhetoric can be just as misleading as usual.

There were high hopes on Saturday when the Wilderness Adventurer sailed from Juneau on the first Alaska cruise ship sailing in 2020.

Many Ketchikan residents have taken road trips in and through Canada, enjoying a quick trip to, say, Smithers, British Columbia, or traveling to and from the Lower 48.

Saturday started the 2020 municipal election filing period. But with City of Ketchikan and Ketchikan Gateway Borough offices closed over the weekend, the opportunity to file as a candidate for local public office begins when the government opens for business today.

This week was all about Ketchikan schools.

In Alaska and most of the United States there is debate about when and how much to “open up” communities affected by COVID-19. Covid infections are surging in most states that have opened up partially and/or completely. Alaska infections also are increasing dramatically since the economy was…

The COVID-19 virus has threatened Alaskan’s health and ravaged our economy. While taking the necessary steps to control the virus, we now also must begin expanding the foundation for a clean and sustainable industry, an industry that will support both immediate and long-term Alaska jobs and …

On Saturday, a small cruise ship is expected to depart Juneau on a seven-night voyage of great interest to everyone with a stake in the future of cruising in Southeast Alaska.

As Alaskans enjoy the later part of an unusual summer, attempting to dipnet for sockeye salmon, strategizing hunting trips for caribou and moose, and simply enjoying everything our beautiful state has to offer, there is something missing as we prepare for fall. Soon, tens of thousands of you…

Ketchikan and many other port communities have a keen interest in when — and how — large cruise ships could resume sailing in U.S. waters.

Since the Mayflower arrived in 1620, social and economic structure of a small town like Ketchikan was built from the shoreline up: Cut down trees to build a town, haul in fish to eat for a month, work with mind and hands to build technology to fly and transport.  Ketchikan has seen its fair …

A kickflip is nifty skateboard trick.

Absentee voting will be popular this year.

Alaskans will celebrate the life and legacy of the late Sen. Ted Stevens this weekend.

Alaska’s 46,600 miles of shoreline make it keenly interested in law pertaining to oceans.

The magnitude 7.8 earthquake that struck offshore south of the Alaska Peninsula at 10:12 p.m.Tuesday is a stark reminder that we reside in a seismically active part of the world — and should prepare accordingly.

The debate over to mask or not to mask has taken a turn toward the former.

At a time when the fiscal future of many states looks uncertain, Alaska made the smart choice to protect the state’s future income for our children and grandchildren. On June 30, $4.9 billion was transferred from the Permanent Fund’s Earning Reserve Account to its principal account. Once dep…

Ketchikan is home to many extraordinary people and entities who have contributed much to their community, region and state over time.

The leash law in Ketchikan is about to change.

The path to the future is walked one step at a time, and the City of Ketchikan continues along its way, particularly as it affects the tourism industry.

In the Catholic religious tradition, as in the traditions of other Christian churches, a practice known as the “examination of conscience” or “consciousness examen” has for centuries been an important way for believers to cultivate their relationship with God.

On Thursday, the Centers for Disease Control extended its “no sail order” for large cruise ships in U.S. waters from July 24 until Sept. 30.

State and local government are grappling with the question of whether to require or not require that masks be worn in public by everyone (unless it is medically unsafe to do so). After six months of this virus, it is no longer debatable if wearing a mask reduces the spread of COVID-19. Scien…

We’re pleased that the Ketchikan Beach Program is now in its fourth season of monitoring local recreation beaches for fecal coliform and enterococci bacteria.

Unfortunately, many Alaskans have personally borne the brunt of our state's extremely high health care costs in recent years. But having some of the most expensive health care in the nation wasn't always the case for Alaska. In fact, per-capita expenditures on health care used to be about th…

This might be Ketchikan’s most critical municipal election in decades.

At the Ketchikan City Council meeting on July 2, a number of people rose to speak against the mandatory mask ordinance that has been proposed. While listening, I noticed that many of their arguments shared a common thread — the denouncement of masks for causing fear — which has become the ce…

While most Ketchikan residents would prefer more blue-sky days this summer, the grey clouds definitely have a silver lining.

Alaska will have two ballot measures on the November general election ballot.