Lana Arlene ‘Ginger’ Fortin

Lana Arlene “Ginger” Fortin, 78, died Jan. 18, 2021, in Sitka.

She was born June 27, 1942, in San Francisco.

She attended Lowell High School, San Francisco State College and the University of Hawaii.

She resided in San Francisco until 1969, when she moved to Hawaii. She resided in Hawaii through 1995, and again in 1998. She also resided in Tennessee and Texas before arriving in Alaska in 2001. She began residing in Ketchikan in 2002.

She worked as a teacher with grades k-6; and with homebound students with disabilities in grades 7-8. She also worked as a disc jockey, with a tour company, in geological oceanography and as a professional artist. She headed a support group for people with chronic fatigue, chemical sensitivities and related problems.

She enjoyed music, art, photography, cruises and ferries, sewing, hula and travel.

Lana Fortin was preceded in death by her father, Albert Fortin; and mother, Lillian Fortin.

She has no known survivors.

Her remains have been cremated, with her ashes to be spread in favorite areas where Alaska ferries traveled.