Bernice Christina Braun

Bernice Christina Braun, 69, died Sept. 15, 2020 in Ketchikan.

She was born Bernice Christina Modig on Nov. 21, 1950 in Ketchikan.

She attended Ketchikan High School, and was married in Ketchikan.

In addition to Ketchikan, she resided for short periods of time in Maui, Hawaii; Spokane, Washington; and Boring, Oregon.

She enjoyed beading, helping other people, talking to her sister and children, making Native American artwork, traveling to see family, swimming and gambling

Mrs. Braun was preceded in death by her great-grandparents, Richard and Emely Fawcett; grandparents, George and Martha Fawcett; mother, Dorothy Irene Bienek; father, Frank Jenny; brothers, John Modig and Guy Modig; aunts and uncles; Norman Fawcett, Clifford Fawcett, Charlie Fawcett, Greta Weston, Ben Eaton, Mary Booth, Sara Booth, Donald Fawcett, Henry Eaton and Lora Fawcett.

She is survived by her husband, Lance Braun Sr.; son, Joseph Modig and Lance Braun; daughters, Barbara Gurske, April Porter and Lana Braun; numerous grandchildren; one great-grandchild; numerous cousins; uncle, Gerald Weston of Ketchikan; aunt, Beryl Eaton.