The annual Southeast Alaska Salmon Drift Gillnet and Purse Seine Task Force meetings will be held in Ketchikan this year, at the Ted Ferry Civic Center Nov. 29 and 30. 
Annually rotating between SE communities to provide increased access and participation, this year’s task force meetings are open for virtual attendance via Zoom, further increasing accessibility. 
“Task force sessions are an opportunity for fishery managers, fishery researchers, hatchery operators, fishermen, fishing organizations, processing company representatives, and other interested parties to review the previous salmon season, discuss topics of importance for management of the fisheries, and plan for the following season,” said the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, in an announcement dated Nov. 1. 
Fish and Game has announced that agendas for the task force meetings will be developed in cooperation between the department and the Southeast Alaska Seiners Association, United Southeast Alaska Gillnetters Association, Southeast Alaska Fishermen’s Alliance, and Petersburg Vessel Owners Association.
“The task force meetings are a great opportunity for the fishers to provide feedback to the department, on what they did or didn't like about how their fisheries were being managed, what worked and what didn't,” said Troy Thynes, Region I management coordinator with ADF&G.
“The morning usually focuses on season summaries by the various managers and hatchery operators, and the afternoon is all about what the fishers want to talk about,” Thynes said. 
As a result of task force inclusiveness, “sometimes changes are made to how a fishery is prosecuted due to the discussions at the meetings,” Thynes said. “Due to this feedback and back and forth between managers and fishers, I always highly encourage folks to attend.”
The Drift Gillnet Task Force meeting is scheduled for Tues., Nov. 29, with the Purse Seine Task Force meeting on Wed., Nov. 30. Both meetings will run 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.
Virtual attendance requires registration via Zoom. Links to each meeting can be found on the ADF&G website, by opening the announcement under Southeast Region, Commercial Salmon Fisheries entitled, “2022 Southeast Alaska Salmon Drift Gillnet And Purse Seine Task Force Meetings.