KETCHIKAN (KDN) —The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has announced that three “Ketchikan Hatchery Areas” and one terminal harvest area will be opening to sport fishing for king salmon during specific times next month.
In general, there is no retention of king salmon allowed in the immediate Ketchikan area from April 1 through June 14 (see Map A).
However, Fish and Game has been authorized by the Alaska Board of Fisheries to use the department’s emergency-order authority to open terminal harvest areas in order to target surplus king salmon produced by Alaska hatcheries. 
Here in the Ketchikan area, the above-noted areas that are being opened by emergency order will allow anglers to target Alaska hatchery-produced king salmon that originated from the Deer Mountain Hatchery, Whitman Lake Hatchery, Neets Bay Hatchery and the Carroll Inlet remote release site, according to the announcement.
“Projected returns to these facilities will exceed broodstock needs, thus a surplus of hatchery fish are available for harvest by sport anglers,” the announcement states.
The one terminal harvest area that will be opened is the Carroll Inlet Terminal Harvest Area. This terminal harvest area, which is located in Carrolal Inlet north of the latitude of Nigelius Point (See Map B nearby) — will be open beginning June 1, according to Fish and Game.
As is noted below, the remainder of the Carroll Inlet area will be opened to retention of king salmon on June 8 as part of the Mountain Point Area opening.
“One additional week of opportunity is being provided in the head of Carroll Inlet where the interception of Alaska wildstock king salmon is least likely and is consistent with the timing of commercial harvest opportunity in the Carroll Inlet THA,” according to a department announcement.
The three Ketchikan Hatchery Areas that will be opening next month are:
• June 1 - June 14, 2022: Thomas Basin seaward of the Stedman Street Bridge to the breakwater. 
• June 8 - June 14, 2022: Mountain Point Area: the waters of George and Carroll Inlets north of a line from Mountain Point  to Cutter Rocks Light (see Map C nearby).
The department indicates that the opening date for the Mountain Point Area is being delayed by one week to allow more Unuk River king salmon to return to the river to spawn. 
“The Unuk River escapement is forecasted to be around 1,891 fish, which is just above the lower bound of the escapement goal (1,800–3,800),” states the announcement. “A weak return of the 5-year-old fish, the dominant age class returning to the Unuk River, is expected. There is additional concern because this age class experienced poor freshwater survival and no marine recoveries have been encountered to date.”
• June 15 - Aug. 14, 2022: Neets Bay: the waters east of the longitude of the easternmost tip of Bug Island.
 The sport bag and possession limit for all anglers in the three Ketchikan designated hatchery sport harvest areas, is one king salmon, 28 inches or greater in length, according to a department announcement. Nonresidents have an annual limit of three king salmon, 28 inches or greater in length. 
Fish and Game is reminding anglers that, until June 15 (Thomas Basin and Mountain Point) and Aug. 15 (Neets Bay) the salt waters outside of the designated hatchery sport harvest areas are closed to king salmon retention. 
“Therefore, anglers fishing in multiple areas for other species must be diligent to ensure they do not possess king salmon when fishing in areas that prohibit the retention of king salmon,” according to the announcement.
In addition to the above changes, Fish and Game is increasing the king salmon bag and possession limit for all anglers in the terminal waters of Herring Bay. The new limits — which will be in effect from  June 1 through July 31 — will be three king salmon of any size.
King salmon harvested in the terminal harvest area will not count toward the nonresident annual limit, according to Fish and Game. 
The terminal harvest area is defined as the waters of Herring Bay west of a line from the southernmost entrance of Hole-in-the-Wall harbor to the Fish and Game markers located one-half mile north of Whitman Creek (signed and painted rocks), to the fresh/saltwater boundary signs located at the mouth of Herring Cove Creek (See Map D nearby). 
The Herring Bay area opened by this emergency order will allow anglers to target Alaska hatchery-produced king salmon originating from the Whitman Lake hatchery. Projected returns to that facility will exceed broodstock needs, providing a surplus of hatchery fish that will be available for harvest by sport anglers.
King salmon bag, possession and size limits for the waters outside of the designated terminal areas are more restrictive that the limits inside the Herring Bay terminal area. Fish and Game emphasized that anglers be especially “diligent to ensure they do not exceed the king salmon bag, possession or size limit for the area they are currently fishing.”
For further information, contact Ketchikan Area Management Biologist Kelly Reppert at the Sport Fish Division office in Ketchikan.