KETCHIKAN (KDN) —  The top 10 boat names of 2020 are in.

BoatUS recently released its annual list of the top 10 most popular boat names of 2020.

Ranked from first to 10th in popularity, BoatUS’s 2020 list included Serenity, Island Time, Scout, Pura Vida, Seas the Day, Shenanigans, Black Pearl, Cool Change, Liberty and Knot on Call.

None of those names were featured on the BoatUS top 10 list in 2019.

According to BoatUS’ online archives, the top picks of 2019 included Aquaholic, Pearl, Forever Young, Second Change, Squid Pro Quo, More Cowbell, Pegasus, Feelin’ Nauti, Why Not and High Maintenance.

Several of the names on the 2020 list had not made an appearance since 2018, according to BoatUS. In 2018, “Serenity” ranked at number six on the popularity list, while in 2020, it was the top choice.

“Pura Vida,”which ranked as the fourth-most popular in 2020, came in 10th in 2018. “Knot on Call” was the 10th most popular selection of 2020, down from the ninth most popular last time it appeared on a list in 2018, the BoatUS archives showed.

“Seas the Day” was measured in the fifth spot on the 2020 list, and third in 2018.

“The Black Pearl” hadn’t made it on a top 10 list since 2011, while “Scout” graced the 2020 list for the first time since BoatUS began keeping ranked lists in 1992, according to the organization’s archives