KETCHIKAN (KDN) — The Ketchikan High School wrestling team started its abbreviated spring season on Saturday.

Kayhi was one of six teams to compete in the Pilot Invitational, which was hosted in Juneau. In addition to the First City, teams from Thunder Mountain, Mt. Edgecumbe, Sitka, Wrangell and Petersburg high schools participated.

Alaska’s high school wrestling season, which typically is a fall and winter sport that lasts for eight weeks, was pushed to the spring due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. It is scheduled to run until mid-May.

Although, because of the immediate jump from the boys’ and girls’ basketball seasons — as well as other spring sports starting up — not everyone on Kayhi’s wrestling roster was able to compete this weekend. Kayhi’s grapplers will travel to Wrangell on April 9-10.

Here are results from the Pilot Invitational:

Boys’ 112-pound

1. Carson Cummins (Thunder Mountain)

2. Dawson Larna (Ketchikan)

3. Peter Griggs (Mt. Edgecumbe)

Boys’ 119-pound

1. Dayton Hoblet (Mt. Edgecumbe)

2. Evander Elixman (Sitka)

3. Nathan Mowery (Ketchikan)

4. Elston Dock (Mt. Edgecumbe)

Boys’ 125-pound

1. Nate Houston (Thunder Mountain)

2. Sampson Oliver (Ketchikan)

3. Aidan Cotta (Petersburg)

Boys’ 130-pound

1. Colton Ewers (Sitka)

2. Chase Darbonne (Thunder Mountain)

3. Elias Decker (Wrangell)

4. Dyllin Kealiinohomoku-Salcedo (Ketchikan)

Boys’ 140-pound

1. Carson Spokely (Ketchikan)

2. Blaze Darbonne (Thunder Mountain)

3. Trey Dock (Mt. Edgecumbe)

Boys’  145-pound

1. Zane Mahoney (Mt. Edgecumbe)

2. Jared Alirkar (Mt. Edgecumbe)

Boys’ 152-pound

1. Charlie Blair (Ketchikan)

2. Emilio Mangrobang (Mt. Edgecumbe)

3. Jarrell Williams (Thunder Mountain)

4. James Shilts (Wrangell)

5. Jonas Anderson (Petersburg)

6. Randy Churchill (Wrangell)

Boys’ 160-pound

1. Ryan Rooney (Wrangell)

2. Andy Collins (Ketchikan)

3. Eric Tipton (Thunder Mountain)

4. Jason Young (Sitka)

5. Josh Quintal (Thunder Mountain)

6. Wyatt Lister (Petersburg)

7. Kaleb Paddock (Thunder Mountain)

Boys’ 171-pound

1. Jamal Johnson (Thunder Mountain)

2. Jonas Baekkelund (Petersburg)

3. Ethan Blatchley (Wrangell)

4. Aiden Ojala (Sitka)

5. Tyler Manypenny (Ketchikan)

6. Derek Hammack (Sitka)

7. Steven Bales (Wrangell)

Boys’ 189-pound

1. Sage Richards (Thunder Mountain)

2. Rowen Wiederspohn (Wrangell)

3. Martin Brown (Mt. Edgecumbe)

Boys’ 215-pound

1. Camden Erickson (Thunder Mountain)

2. Jake Eastaugh (Wrangell)

3. Wyatt Harvey (Thunder Mountain)

4. Silvester Montez (Thunder Mountain)

Boys’ 285-pound

1. Hunter Littlefield (Sitka)

2. Alex Johnson (Sitka)

3. Arthur Heckman (Mt. Edgecumbe)

Girls’ 130-pound

1. Cheyenne Murphy (Mt. Edgecumbe)

2. Hailey Moses (Mt. Edgecumbe)

Girls’ 145-pound

1. Liana Carney (Wrangell)

2. Alexis Evon (Mt. Edgecumbe)

3. Chiara Chase (Mt. Edgecumbe)

4. Krine LoneWolf (Mt. Edgecumbe)

5. Bernadette John (Mt. Edgecumbe)

Girls’ 160-pound

1. Trinity Pitka (Mt. Edgecumbe)

2. Lilian Younce (Wrangell)

3. Anya (Oliver) Tyrrel (Mt. Edgecumbe)

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