Anneliese Hiatt

Ketchikan High School’s Anneliese Hiatt loops around the Virtual Blueberry Run’s 5K cone marker, just south of U.S. Coast Guard Base-Ketchikan on Aug.1. Photo by Chris Biagi

KETCHIKAN (KDN) — Nearly two dozen diehard racers took to the streets of Ketchikan from July 31 to Aug. 9.

After the 45th Anniversary of the Blueberry Arts Festival was postponed, the Ketchikan Running and Walking Club opted to continue its course with virtual races this summer, adding the annual Blueberry Race to that list.

Participants of the Virtual Blueberry Race chose to compete in a one-mile walk, as well as a 5K or 10K run. However, several competitors did more than one route. In all, 23 participated in the Virtual Blueberry Race.

Sean Vail won the men’s 5K race, finishing in 17:15 — just 22 seconds faster than Ketchikan High School cross country runner Mickey Lapinski, who finished the 5K course in 17:37.

The two flipped spots in the men’s 10K race. Lapinski finished in 38:15; Vail ran the 6.2 miles in 38:54.

Kayhi’s cross country coach Katie Sivertsen topped the women’s 5K list, finishing in 21:39. She was just 33 seconds faster than Anneliese Hiatt, who Sivertsen will be coaching this fall.

Hiatt placed second in the women’s 5K, completing the 3.1 miles in 22:12.

The two placed next to each other in the women’s 10K, as well. Sivertsen ran the 6.2 miles in 43:14; Hiatt finished in 43:40.

The boys’ one-mile competition had three participants — 11-year-old Henry Vail, 7-year-old Andrew Vail and Canyon Sivertsen, who is 4.

Henry Vail didn’t stop there, however, also racing in the men’s 5K and finishing in 28:10.

Caia Peele, who is 8, bypassed the girls’ one-mile competition altogether, and upped the ante to the women’s 5K race. She finished in 35:27.

No one participated in the girls’ one-mile race.

Each Virtual Blueberry Race course was the same as previous years, beginning and ending at the intersection of Grant and Main streets.

The routes wound their way through Ketchikan before looping back. The 5K route turned around just south of U.S. Coast Guard Base-Ketchikan. The 10K race turned around at South Tongass Services.

Participants used GPS apps to track their time for each race. The Virtual Blueberry Race was free. The Ketchikan Running and Walking Club will give prizes to each of the winners at a later date.

Here are the complete results of the Virtual Blueberry Race:

One Mile — Boys

Henry Vail, 11 years old, 7:52

Andrew Vail, 7 years old, 10:57

Canyon Sivertsen, 4 years old, 21:19

5K — Men

Sean Vail, 17:15

Mickey Lapinski, 17:37

Aiden Miller, 20:03

Adam Dixon, 20:36

Kai Biagi, 21:07

Shawn Cadiente, 22:56

Dan Ortiz, 25:12

Scott Brandt-Erichsen, 26:38

Henry Vail, 11 years old, 28:10

Gabe Tabb, 28:52

10K — Men

Mickey Lapinski, 38:15

Sean Vail, 38:54

Adam Dixon, 43:48

5K — Women

Katie Sivertsen, 21:39

Anneliese Hiatt, 22:12

Morgan Elerding, 23:02

Jenna Walker, 23:13

Rhea Kahle, 25:44

Malia King, 25:55

Julia Biagi, 26:30

Crystal Vail, 28:07

Deborah Asper, 35:27

Caia Peele, 8 years old, 35:27

10K — Women

Katie Sivertsen, 43:14

Anneliese Hiatt, 43:40

Deandra Baine, 51:35

Rhea Kahle, 53:47

Crystal Vail, 59:39

*Names and results courtesy of the

Ketchikan Running and Walking Club.