Totem to Totem, Hannah Donadio

Hannah Donadio passes the Berth 4 trestle area during the Totem to Totem Half Marathon on Saturday. Donadio placed first among women finishers, completing the 13.1 mile race in 1:44:30. Staff photo by Dustin Safranek

For the second time this year, the Ketchikan Running and Walking Club hosted its Totem to Totem Half Marathon.

The race, which began at Rotarty Beach and finished at Potlatch Totem Park, had runners and walkers winding their way through town on Saturday. Of the 40 people that signed up, 33 made the trek, including one relay team.

The running club had a 50-person limit to abide by, according to the Ketchikan Emergency Operations Center mandate.

Sean Vail, Tore’ Singstad and Carlos Weimer hit the top three spots for male finishers.

Hannah Donadio, Gina Ostby and Danielle Hill were the top three women finishers.

Vail finished the 13.1 miles in 1:23:07. Singstad and Weimer were a few minutes behind, crossing the finish line at the 1:34:03 and 1:38:55 marks, respectively.

Donadio ran the route to Potlatch Totem Park in 1:44:30. Ostby and Hill did the same in 1:50:04 and 1:56:31, respectively.

Ketchikan High School’s Brent Capps placed fourth overall, but was the top youth finisher, hitting the mark in 1:39:42.

Typically a spring time race, the Totem to Totem Half Marathon was run virtually in May. It was part of a string of virtual competitions that the running club has hosted this year due to the novel coronavirus.

Laura Coleman, the running club’s vice president, said earlier this month that the Totem to Totem Half Marathon probably would be the only actual person-verse-person race the club would host this year.

“It’s important to get outside and stay active,” she said at the time.

The club used staggered start times and limited entries to help keep the number of paths crossed to a minimum.

The walkers started the race an hour earlier than the runners, so final times show the walkers with that extra hour tacked on. Here are the complete results from the Totem to Totem Half Marathon:

Sean Vail, 1:23:07 (first male)

Tore’ Singstad, 1:34:03 (second male)

Carlos Weimer, 1:38:55 (third male)

Brent Capps, 1:39:42 (first youth)

Hannah Donadio, 1:44:30 (first female)

David Costa, 1:48:21

Mylee Gray, 2:48:51 (first walker)

Trina Anderson, 2:48:57 (second walker)

Gina Ostby, 1:50:04 (second female)

Kevin Staples, 1:51:08  

Christian Biagi, 1:53:46

Danielle Hill, 1:56:31 (third female)

Deandra Banie, 2:01:15

Bill Elberson, 2:05:32

Kelly Reppert, 2:04:14

Jia-Huei Li, 2:09:17

Jennifer Brown, 2:16:08

May Flood, 2:16:21

Shasta Fenwich, 3:17:45 (walker)

Sarah Martin, 2:19:17

Marie West, 3:39:16 (walker)

Bartley Bonar, 3:39:16 (walker)

Sid Hartley, 2:52:54

Joel Azure, Logan Milton, Max Mercer, 2:43:44 (first team)

Kenneth del Mundo, 2:47:56

Doug Ward, 2:53:10

Adrienne Gray, 3:56:47 (walker)

Ann James, 3:06:12    

John Smith, 3:08:59   

Tate Tucker, 3:15:40

Becky Harris and Christine Palmer, 4:27.10 (walkers)

*Results courtesy of the Ketchikan Running and Walking Club.